The tree in the prison

Concorso per la progettazione di un centro velico presso l'Isola dell'Asinara

Location Isola dell'Asinara (SS), Italy

Year 2013

Description For the transformation of the former prison in a sailing center the projects aims at a symbolic and strongly recognizable intervention. A tree-like system of walkways  starts from the heart of the prison and develops connecting the inner court with the different units of the guesthouses. Meanwhile, the uncontaminated vegetation of the island enters the court and colonizes the old playfields. Following the same landscape logic, the uncertain architectural identity of the prison, caused by different an incoherent interventions, is renovated by covering the entire building in "cocciopesto", a traditional local material. The ancient destination of the rooms are respected in the renovation: the sleeping quarters, the canteen and the laboratories are now at the disposition of the sailing school’s students.  

Client Regione Autonoma Sardegna - Agenzia Conservatoria delle Coste

Program Sailing Center, offshore structures, renovation and reuse, landscaping

Type Two stage procedure project competition (selected for second stage)

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 3 ha (area), 3000 sqm (buildings)

Designers Giulio Fioravanti (leader) - Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau -Tommaso Arcangioli - Gianni Porcu - Davide Sechi - Dorotea Ottaviani

Consultans Andrea Maggiorelli - Paolo Cardoni

Status -