Concorso di idee per la realizzazione di un parco d'arte nel quartiere Casanova di Bolzano

Location Bolzano, Italy

Year 2011

Description The project aims for an illusory and theatrical space, presenting a continuous shifting from natural to artificial. Imagining a jump from macrocosm to microcosm, hundreds of gigantic plastic grass blades grow to build a magical universe where people become minuscule. Just like real grass, the "macrofield" has no defined boundaries and is free to take shape according to the seasons, the exposition to the sun and, mostly, the whims of men. Nature, the real one, grows freely from its fundamental element. On the dark but soft artificial soil, small depressions produce tiny stretches of water hosting delicate gardens.

Client Istituto per l'Edilizia Sociale della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

Program District park

Type Single stage procedure project competition

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 3000 sqm

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi (leader)  - Niccolò Cau - Valerio Bramucci

Consultans Andrea Maggiorelli - Silvia Litardi

Collaborator Gregorio De Luca Comandini (photomontage)

Status -