Outdoor meetings

Giardino di uno studio legale

Location Rome, Italy

Year 2009

Description In a fifties’ building, the life of a successful attorney opens up to the garden’s spaces. On the edges, a thick bush of Nandina domestica with its green-red shade protects from introspection while at the center a long iron table, set with evergreens and seasonal blossoms, has different destinations. The plants on the tables in their foil vases can be freely disposed according to need. Cylindrical concrete vases in various sizes, overflowing with precious specimens, invade the rigorous terrace-garden environment. The colors are light, the atmosphere is suffused, perfumed and absorbed. 

Client Private

Program Outdoor Forniture, landscaping

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 150 sqm

Designer Carlotta Montefoschi

Status Completed