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Concorso di idee per la creazione di un polo museale con l’ampliamento del museo civico Giovanni Marongiu

Location Cabras (OR), Italy

Year 2011

Description The project is structured following a landscape scale. The building is both a case for the archeological finds and a 360-degree observation point for the delicate meeting of city and nature accompanied by the external  elements (an urban square, a formal garden, a natural outfitted area). Following a relation of uniformity, the new expansion is the external counterpart of the existing building. After having visited the rooms gathered around the patio of the old building, the visitors enter the main room. From the “fractures” obtained in the monolithic building the landscape and the natural light, just like the city’s life enter to contextualize and comment on the exhibit. 

Client Comune di Cabras

Program Museum extention, landscaping, public spaces

Type Single stage procedure project competition (third prize)

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 3 ha (area), 900 sqm (building)

Designers Niccolò Cau (leader) - Carlotta Montefoschi -Tommaso Arcangioli - Gianni Porcu - Nelda Tripicchio

Collaborator Gregorio De Luca Comandini

Status -