Tidal wave

Jardin en Cachagua

Location Cachagua, Chile

Year 2006

Description The property, with an imposing vista on the Pacific Ocean, is located on the hillsides surrounding de beach of Cachagua, north of Valparaiso. The garden takes on the challenge to relate the house to a monumental landscape. We proposed a 50x01-metres walkway as the only artificial element, a canoe or a surfboard brought by the sea that, riding a great wave, from the beach rises and leads to the house. The wave, a native vegetation resistant to the strong saline winds, in the springtime transforms itself in a flood of blue and purple flowers that communicate with the foam and constant movement of the ocean.

Client Private

Program Villa garden, landscaping, hard landscaping-paths

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 5000 sqm

Designers Ricardo Walker Campos -Niccolò Cau

Status Completed