Ampliacion de la Casa Chica

Location Panguipulli, Chile

Year 2010-2011

Description The new construction was meant to integrate itself to the preexisting small house without depriving it of its isolated tower, small refuge in the woods overlooking the lake, identity. A relation of complementarity was established between old and new like the one between head and body. Small and pointed the former, long and articulated the latter. Together they form an “internal” open space, which constitutes a context of its own, where the house will be able to grow its garden. In this gradual introversion, the body seems to look at itself and to allow a shift. The expansion becomes the main body and the preexisting building becomes a dependence. The head becomes tail.  

Client Private

Program House extension

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 380 sqm

Designer Niccolò Cau

Collaborator Elsa Pandozi - Nelda Tripicchio

Status Completed