Le Domaine de Narcisse

23° Festival des jardins de Chaumont-sur Loire

"Les peches capitaux"

Location Chaumont-sur-Loire, France

Year 2013-2014

Description Outstretched on the grass, sunk in the soft bushes, a precious mirror irremediably attracts us. The Pittosphorum Tobira protecting it are splendid specimen sculpted by nature like an agitated sea. Among them groups of garlics and dahlias break through like mist, the mirror is not a mirror but a limpid and calm water surface. It is, in fact, below the surface of the water that we find the other part of the garden. From the black pebbles of the bottom emerge expanses of little aquatic plants. The reflection game makes it possible for it to be a solid sea on the outside of the mirror and a liquid forest on its inside.

Client Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Program Show garden

Type Open Competition (selected for the show)

Assignment Concept, preliminary design, detail design, construction

Size 240 sqm

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Ricardo Walker Campos - Maria Cecilia Villanis Ziani - Francesco Jacques Dias - Luigi Rebecchini - Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli

Sponsor Torsanlorenzo Gruppo Florovivaistico

Status Completed