The water cycle

Jardin en el Lago Colico

Location Lago Colico, Chile

Year 2009-2010

Description This garden represents the theme of the relationship between the human being and a monumental landscape. We have chosen a planting plan inspired by the hundreds of water streams that run through the mountains which trap white clouds full of humidity coming from the pacific. The strong downpours draw sinuous white streams that fall into the lake. In the same way, we have planted streams of ferns and endemic plants such as the Alstroemeria aurea. In front of the house we have planned a clearing which gives breath to the deep of the woods and that protects itself from the lake with a curtain of long limbed trees.   

Client Private

Program Villa garden, landscaping

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 5000 sqm

Designer Ricardo Walker Campos

Status Completed