The secret cottage 



Giardino di una villino a Roma

Location Roma, Italy

Year 2016

Description As often happens in Rome among the villa gardens of the early 1900s, huge cedars of Lebanon grow securely. This led the project to be developed on two scales, that of the landscape and that of the house, to which two sectors of the garden correspond.

The front garden, in fact, has a huge lawn with borders close to the fence to establish dialogue and continuation with the nearby gardens while in the back garden, the logic and materials of the house give rise to a more artificial garden made of differing levels, flower benches and containers.

In the reorganization of the paths, the perimeter pavement is eliminated so that the building appears to float on the vegetation.

Client  Private

Program Pavimentation, pergola, outdoor forniture, landscaping

Type Private commision

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 600 sqm

Designers Barbara Deledda Carlotta Montefoschi 

Status -