The space of the fields

Concours International Parc Agro-urbain, espaces publics et espaces ouverts de Bernex-Confignon

Location Bernex-Confignon, Geneva, Switzerland

Year 2013

Description Connecting a new and an old suburb in Geneva, a great park has the purpose of maintaining alive the agricultural identity of the area. The project sets out from two opposite elements: the sides and a central pool. The sides, jagged as a coast, are a dense forest that contains the public park. A great arena opens from the sides, a sea where the field and an urban farm float. The farmers’ activity is protected from the passage of the visitors by a system of canals that at the same time guarantee the visual continuity of the entire park. 

Client Republique et Canton de Geneve

Program Urban farm park, public and open spaces

Type Single stage procedure project competition

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 9 ha

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi (leader) - Niccolò Cau - Ricardo Walker Campos - Mirko Tamburi - Gianni Porcu

Collaborators Giorgio Bernabei - Flavio Buccella - Elisabetta Evangelisti

Status -