The monastery garden

Comune di Guidonia Montecelio, "Riqualificazione della Villa S.Michele ex Orto de'Frati" Progetto paesaggistico

Location Guidonia Montecelio (RM), Italy

Year 2022

Description The project for the redevelopment of the Ex Kitchen Garden of the Friars was addressed in the context of PNRR. It is currently a degraded communal garden in Montecelio, an ancient village located on a promontory bordering the town of Tivoli, with a wonderful view of the Tiber Valley

The project aims to recover the genius loci of the location by re-tracing the most salient elements of the Franciscan garden and restoring the original layout consisting of a mixed garden system ranging from kitchen garden to woodland.
The project recovers the ancient paths and introduces a new system of natural walkways that enhance the park's usability; it also favours the creation of a series of educational and commercial activities linked to the intrinsic nature of the location that over time could give rise to a system of maintenance and sustainable management of the park.

Client Comune di Guidonia Montecelio

Program Historic garden, urban park, landscaping, facilities public access

Type Public commission

Assignment Preliminary design

Size 2 ha

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Aurelio Valentini

Collaborator Giulia Tasselli

Status Completed