Garden of Solitude

RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival


Category Life Style Garden

Location Hampton Court, United Kingdom


Year 2021

Description In a flower meadow, shaded by the leafy foliage of two trees, the visitor can expect to see the key elements of the garden: eighteen pots in the shape of Ionic columns, with differing heights and arranged at irregular intervals along a circle of about six metres in diameter. Lush plants fall from these columns, while inside the circle is a chaise longue and a small basket. In the background is a wall coloured with the blue of the sky. 

This intimate and protected area represents the theme of solitude intended as an ideal condition for the development of thought and imagination. The inspiration for the garden is the feeling of immersion in nature, as a form of pleasant isolation, made possible by a sense of landscape that we always try to introduce in every project, even on a small scale.

Client Royal Horticultural Society

Program Show garden

Type Open Competition (selected for the show)

Assignment Concept, preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 90 sqm

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Ricardo Walker Campos - Maria Cecilia Villanis Ziani

Collaborator Giulia Tasselli

Main Sponsor Laboratorio S. Rocco

Other Sponsor Unopiù

Status Under construction