Cinta Trariwe 

Concurso Internacional de Ideas Parque Isla Cautín

Location Temuco, Chile

Year 2011

Description Cautin river was one of many unsurmountable borders between Spaniards and mapuche. Today, the town of Temuco, where mapuche presence is strong, wants to make this area into a public park for entertainment, sport and cultural activities. An elevated boardwalk holds the different sectors (the “sport raft”, the civic walkway, and the art pavilion) and the different kinds of landscape (the native forest, the humid areas, and the river garden) together designed to resemble the trariwe, a traditional mapuche belt. This infrastructure is a cycling-walking lane, a skating track, panoramic square but also a roof for the underlying path. 

Client Municipalidad de Temuco

Program Urban Park, exibition building, cultural center, tertiary, sport facilities

Type Single stage procedure project competition

Assignment Preliminary design

Size 80 ha

Designers Cristián Raúl Sáez Astaburuaga (leader) - Ximena María Joannon Campos - Ricardo Walker Campos - Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - David Belmar Mac-vicar - García Nuria Espina

Status -