La Via Lactea

Tercer Concurso Internacional de Jardines Urbanos Bilbao Jardin 2011

Location Bilbao, Spain

Year 2011

Description This garden is a painting or a window on a starry sky. Just as the light is substance of stars, from whose intensity we can deduct age and distance, the plants of this garden are measured in terms of brightness in shades of blue, silver and white. And just like stars, although close, can never touch, the landscape composition of the via lattea is pure detachment. The isolated essences are free to take shape, but their closeness lets them be perceived with the compactness of a real landscape eluding the dimensional limits and the indifference to the context of the ephemerons garden. 

Client Fundación Bilbao 700

Program Temporay landscape interventions

Type Single stage procedure project competition

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 100 sqm

Designers Niccolò Cau (leader) - Carlotta Montefoschi

Status -