Piano sequenza

Jardin en Panguipulli

Location Panguipulli, Chile

Year 2000 - 2011

Description This garden has developed starting from a 1990 imprint by the landscape architect Juan Grimm. The lmits of the original project have been overcome since more than a decade and a continuous growth has generated a new garden including wide areas of native vegetation with spectacular vistas on the Panguipulli Lake and the Choshuenco Volcano. The garden is made of multiple paths and great spaces. Just like in a movie where the spectator moves instead of staying still, plantations, sights and smells appear in sequence, guiding the perception of the landscape.   

Client Private

Program Villa garden, landscaping, hard landscaping-paths

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 2 ha

Designers Ricardo Walker Campos

Status Completed