My Garden

Jardins de Métis. Festival International de Jardins - 12° Edition

Location Jardin de Métis / Reford Gardens

Year 2010

Description The “secret garden” is a mental garden. An imagined, dreamt, desired garden. “my garden” is the (apparently) projected image of an elemental space, maybe our childhood room, where the garden each one of us intimately designs takes shape. Walls and floors animate themselves with the blooming fields’ and the creepers’ life, while strange presences appear and disappear. But behind the screen, beyond the projection, we find the real garden waiting to be discovered. A surprise for the most curious that, trespassing the cord, will approach the image to unveil its secret.

Client Festiva International de Jardins

Program Show garden

Type Single stage procedure project competition

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 150 sqm

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Ricardo Walker Campos - Maria Cecilia Villanis Ziani - Vivien Corre

Status -