In-between Metropoliz 

Workshop "Azioni nello spazio pubblico"

Location Metropoliz, Rome, Italy

Year 2014

Description The workshop “Azioni nello spazio pubblico” (actions in the public space) has the goal to improve the entrance of the “Metropoliz-Città Meticcia”, a former factory occupied by an heterogeneous community and also the seat of the MAAM – Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove. In this occasion, three interventions have been planned: the transformation of the acces ramp, a multifunctional handrail and a totem for billposting. Small interventions meant to create a “limit area” for short waits and information exchange between the inner and outer city. During this first workshop week the participants have realized most of the intervention with the help of the inhabitants of the building. 

Curators Silvia Litardi

Organizers Linaria - Studioextramoenia

Program Public open spaces

Type Open Workshop (1st session) 

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, construction

Size 40 sqm

Design coordinators Niccolò Cau - Carlotta Montefoschi - Michela Pasquali - Ermelinda Cosenza

Designers Glen Crispo - Tommaso Croattini - Alessandro D'Ignazi - Nausica Di Giuseppe - Khalil Gali - Laura Mandolesi - Claudia Sabellico - Raffaella Siano - Alessia Zancan

Status Not completed