The house in the city

Comune di Milano, Concorso Internazionale di Progettazione  "Padiglione per l'infanzia"

Location Milan, Italy

Year 2014

Description In an improbable challenge to reestablish a dialogue with the high towers and the urban landscape of the ever-changing contemporary city, the sharp outlines of the child’s imagination have been the inspiration of the architectural choice. Simple volumes, which in their interaction create complexity and order, adventure and comfort. Archetypal shapes such as the cylinder, the carousel, the face-like facade, assure the familiarity of places and things, while at the same time recalling the world of imagination. The building, transparent at the rooms’ floor, establishes a tight relation with the garden on various levels where wild and artificial nature alternate. 

Client Comune di Milano

Program Daycare for disabled children (architecture and landscape)

Type Open competition

Assignment Preliminary design

Size 1300 sqm (area), 500 sqm (building)

Designers Niccolò Cau (leader) - Carlotta Montefoschi - Giorgio Bernabei

Consultants Paolo Cardoni - Ludovica Cau

Status -