Multimedia - Multimaterial 


Sala multimediale Teatro Olimpico, Roma

Location Roma

Year 2015

Description As part of a technological modernisation of the entire theatre, the client requested the installation of a multimedia and multifunctional space inside the gallery foyer. Following on from the other projects (see "2011 Cafe Teatro Olimpico"), the project aims at image renovation through a focus on panelling while at the same time respecting the late-rationalist style of the theatre's architecture: a luminous false ceiling together with a cinematic photo on wallpaper break up the spatial enclosure while a "ridged" panelling produces an undulation that, varying in intensity, scans the different areas of the hall. 

Client Private

Program  Rennovation

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 300 sqm

Designers  Niccolò Cau 

Status Completed