The Narrow Way


Appartamento a Manhattan

Location New York, Usa

Year 2015-2017

Description The main objective of the brief was to improve the entrance while keeping the corridor located opposite. The project aims for moderate spatial adjustments and greater functionality by more precisely defining  the different areas coming off the long corridor: the entrance, the dressing room, the laundry room, the wardrobe. Through a boiserie that hides the entrances, the set of secondary rooms with shared bathroom is a separate and recognisable compartment. Depending on the situation, a system of sliding doors allows the joining or separation of the main bedroom, the TV-room for guests and the living area.

Client Private

Program  Rennovation

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 180 sqm

Designers  Niccolò Cau - Carlotta Montefoschi 

Status Completed