The shaded door

Concorso per la progettazione di Piazza Manno, Oristano

Location Oristano, Italy

Year 2020

Description  The tender requirements prompted a reflection on the relationship between archaeology and the living city.

The project seeks to restore the square's function as the city gate (Port'a Mari) not so much in an archaeological sense but more but rather in a contemporary way where accessing the space is intended as a moment of passing

of waiting, of filtering, of exchange and of knowledge.

A large curtain, meant to inspire pause and reflection, provides shade and protection, structures the space and enhances the historical views.

To complete this intentionally ephemeral 'sky', the design and materials of the cast-like 'ground', provide a stylised translation of the archaeological body below, establishing a solid link with the past.

Client Comune di Oristano

Program Urban square, floring, public access

Type Competition

Assignment Preliminary design

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Marco Pietrolucci - Spartaco Paris

Collaborators  Matteo Giammusso - Antonio Landa - Carlo Vannini

Status -