The Public and the Private

Piano di lottizzazione a Oristano, Italy

Location Oristano, Italy

Year 2013

Description In the outskirts of Oristano, where the delicate relation between city and country still survives, the commission required a population-dense settlement with a low urban impact and a strong green presence. The project proposes a system of houses with patios where alongside the private sphere, the public aspect is strongly developed. Small gardens of endemic vegetation infiltrate between the estates’ walls and open up in little squares as an extension of the private space and public meeting-place. In the dialogue between public and private the roofs of the houses, different for each, exposes different “individualities” from “collective” walls. 

Client Macat srl

Program Housing, landscaping, public spaces

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design

Size 2,5 ha (area), 4.800 sqm (buildings)

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Tommaso Arcangioli - Gianni Porcu

Collaborator Elisabetta Evangelisti

Status -