By the Pool 

Giardino di una villa a Roma

Location Rome, Italy

Year 2022

Description  In a 1970s villa immersed in the pine forest of Veio Park, on the outskirts of Rome, a new swimming pool offers an opportunity to rethink a part of the garden, characterised by the presence of centuries-old pines, lawn areas and a splendid view of the Roman countryside.

In order to soften and integrate the reflective stretch of water situated in front of the house on the top of a hill, the decision was taken to introduce a cushion of highly varied, fragrant, colourful and flowering Mediterranean shrubs that encroach on the tidy deck.

Yet the extent of the greenery goes far beyond the narrow boundaries of the poolside, descending down the natural slope of the hill and taking over a large portion of the garden. Thus in changing the ratios and proportions, the pool becomes a drop within the landscape.

Client Private

Program landscaping

Type Private commision

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, greenery selection, supervision of works

Size 500 sqm

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau

Collaborator Giulia Tasselli

Status Completed