The country on the sea

Giardino per una villa in campagna

Location Potenza Picena (MC), Italy

Year 2005 - 2007

Description From the functional point of view, the request of the clients was to give a "private" garden  to each of the three building existing on the property. The landscape goal, on the other hand, was to combine the agricultural section, used for olive cultivation on declining ground, and the historical garden section closer to the houses. The garden, thus, through the green masses establishes visual but permeable limits. The abandoned slopes have been cleaned and replanted with evergreen bushes and blossoms, opening sights that embrace both the sea and the countryside. We have inserted paved living areas, isolated benches and shaded walkways, along with organizing the car access.

Client Private

Program Villa garden, landscaping, hard landscaping - paths

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 8000 sqm

Designer Maria Cacilia Villanis Ziani - Carlotta Montefoschi

Status Completed