La Gran Sonrisa


Casa en Lo Curro

Location Santiago de Chile, Chile

Year 2017-2019

Description On a hill on the edge of the city, the furrow of an old road provides the only "habitable" area of the plot. The steep slope together with the desire to modify the land as little as possible prompted a linear development for the house: every room of the house follows one another like the carriages of a train along a contour line.The overall shape is a large curve that encloses a "lens like " space between the house and the land, the true heart of the house. 

 Client Private

Program  House 

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design

Size 350 sqm

Designers  Niccolò Cau - Carlotta Montefoschi 

Collaborator Ermelinda Cosenza

Status Tender construction