The Olive Garden

Jardin en Lo Curro

Location Santiago de Chile, Chile

Year 2015 - 2018

Description The properties is a splendid estate on the hill of the Manquehue, where the endemic vegetation still presents itself as wild and uncontaminated. The project seizes this occasion to bring elements of this nature in the home’s garden, alternating them with free spaces in the form of meadow or large “game fields”. The heart of the garden is, however, in the furthest part from the house, towards the street, where the composition of long-stemmed trees, bushes and grasses create a mysterious environment where a network of geometrical patterns enable its discovery and contemplation. 

Client Private

Program Landscaping, hard landscaping-paths

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 2000 sqm

Designers Ricardo Walker Campos - Niccolò Cau


Status Completed