Green Boulevard

Progettazione paesaggistica per un nuovo quartiere residenziale in Alto Adige

Location Silando (BZ), Italy

Year 2021

Description In the design of a new residential neighbourhood for the town of Silandro, South Tyrol, landscaping elements were selected to give structure to the morphology of the public space. In keeping with medieval cities, the pedestrian streets are generously proportioned to accommodate the various functions: walkways, rest stops, play areas. The greenery that permeates these spaces is seemingly free but in reality highly structured.

An urban forest of deciduous trees takes over the spaces between the buildings, forming pathways and inviting people to stop. Flowerbeds in both sun and shade, which follow on from the new pedestrian pavement, creep into each sector in a scattered fashion, establishing a wider area that goes far beyond the limits of the neighbourhood flowerbed.

The need to manage rainwateris a perfect excuse to create a highly decorative rain garden.

Client Comune di Silandro

Program Urban park, landscaping, facilities

Type Public commission

Assignment Preliminary design

Size 2 ha

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau - Georg Frish, Dea associati

Collaborator Giulia Tasselli

Status Completed