Seeing not seeing



Terrazza di una casa a Roma 

Location Roma, Italy

Year 2019

Description Between the living room of the house and the unappealing view of the surrounding buildings there is only a small balcony whose reduced depth cannot accommodate the use of vegetation as visual screening.

The project explores the idea of the "diaphragm" through the use of metal fabrics as sun awnings. This gives the effect of breaking up the light and the view, a unique atmosphere in which an orange tree, a pythosphorus and grapefruit tree stand out thanks to their sculptural posture.

Client  Private

Program Department terrace, outdoor Forniture, landscaping

Type Private commision

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 30 sqm

Designers Carlotta Montefoschi - Maria Cecilia Villanis Ziani 

Status Completed