The garden on the roofs

Terrazza di una casa a Trastevere

Location Rome, Italy

Year 2015

Desciption The project’s challenge was to obtain both a "living room" and a "dining room" from the limited dimensions of the space, including a strong presence of plants and flowers, bushes and small trees. Steel, sinuous and bright-coloured flowers boxes accept the challenge creating a rich and articulated space, which changes the scale of the terrace. Different environments develop where, as in a garden, the different essences have the possibility to dialogue and compose themselves shifting from point of chromatic accumulation to great expanses of green. 

Client Private

Program Department terrace, outdoor Forniture, landscaping

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 80 sqm

Designer Maria Cecilia Villanis Ziani - Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau

Collaborator Elsa Pandozi

Status Completed