Campo Verano



Concorso per la progettazione di opere di pedonalizzazione e riqualificazione di aree nel II Municipio

Location Roma, Italy

Year 2019

Description A large green field that maintains the original purpose of the area: a free space between the outer edges of the city and the "citadel" of Verano, where an analysis of both the shade and the terrain suggest specific uses for identified areas.

The ancient axis that visually connects the entrance of Verano with the ‘Torre dell'Acqua’ of Termini Station becomes the heart of the garden: a perspective feature, monumental and symbolic, consisting of an infinite row of flowers that visitors may collect under the supervision of florists.

On an urban scale, the large Campo Verde, together with the area of Passamonti square, becomes part of the morphological closure of the urban chessboard-like matrix of San Lorenzo, remaining incomplete.

Client  Comune di Roma

Program Urban square, urban park, landscaping, public access to cemetery

Type Competition

Assignment Preliminary design

Designers Marco Pietrolucci - Spartaco Paris - Roberto Bianchi - Carlotta Montefoschi - Niccolò Cau

Collaborators Lorenzo Annibale - Andrea Bartocci - Matteo Giammusso

Status -