The opportunity of a place

Ristrutturazione e riuso di un ex laboratorio di scultura

Location Rome, Italy

Year 2006 - 2008

Description In 1926 the architect Innocenzo Sabbatini realized for the then Istituto Case Popolari the great complex “Piazza d’armi” including, among the residencies, laboratories for artists and artisans. The studio of the sculptor Giovanni Prini (1877-1958) still presented itself, despite the previous interventions, with its essential character: height, light from above, great windows and doors. The project of reuse is inspired by this theatrical space, and through a certain abstraction aims to provide the minimum necessary elements (stairs, divisions, doors) and technology, for a free and ever-changing outfit: office, studio, laboratory, gallery, entertainment room. 

Client Private

Program Multifunctional space, renovation

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design, detail design, build direction

Size 160 sqm

Designers Niccolò Cau - Carlotta Montefoschi - Francesco Bigi

Status Completed